Masteka 2 Crew Rescued Mid Ocean

Not all super yachts can guarantee you a ride that is safe and luxurious all the time. At the time when the super yacht of 468 feet in length is making headlines of a Russian industrialist, there is another one that has ended up in troubled waters.

It was a super yacht that had been taken out in the waters at a cost of $3000 per hour. This rental vessel started to sink after it was out in the waters. Two women were rescued from the boat when it pulled up alongside a cruise ship called Carnival Spirit. Both women were injured and were rescued just in time.

The super yacht pulled up alongside the cruise ship when it started to sink. Known as Masteka 2, it was found that the boat was taking on water once it was in the mid of the north coast of NSW – the owners would have been better off on a Bareboat Yacht Charter in Croatia.

The distress call came on Tuesday early in the morning, around 5 am. Luckily the cruise ship responded to the distress signal sent out by Masteka 2. The cruise ship stayed with the super yacht to help it to monitor its activities. Meanwhile, there were two female workers who were injured and had to be taken on board.

It is definitely a loss for the yacht company that rents out the super yacht at a steep price of $3000 per hour. The super yacht has a hot tub as well as three levels. The Masteka 2 had about six passengers who were on board when the steering control was lost. As a result water started coming into the vessel when it was a distance of 260 kilometers from Port Macquarie. With the distress call sent out the Carnival Spirit responded to the same and managed to get two of the workers from the yacht. Four other members however chose to stay on the yacht and attempt to repair and get the yacht back to shore.