Bertelli Intent To Wider The Audience Of America’s Cup

  • Prada is the sponsor of challenger Luna Rossa and America’s Cup.
  • The America’s Cup upcoming 36th edition will take place in Auckland and it is scheduled for March 2021.
  • The Prada Cup started for choosing a challenger to New Zealand.
  • Prada CEO, Bertelli wish to access to a massive audience.

Patrizio Bertelli aims to make sure that the America’s Cup 36th edition, which Italian fashion house Prada sponsors, is accessible to as big an audience as it is possible.

Prada informed the media “sailing is a special sport among many adventure sports and if talk about America’s Cup, then it is one of the foremost events. Therefore, according to me, it is crucial that for viewers, the media access should remain free of charge and at the same time, it should remain accessible to everyone easily. This will ensure that more numbers of people turn out to watch this event.”

He was speaking after finishing the Prada Cup’s launch, this is a new trophy. Bertelli said the meaning of this is to make sure that for the event there will worldwide coverage and viewership. In the recent iteration of the oldest trophy of the sport that was contested for the first time in the year 1851. The foot monohulls “foiling” 75 is able to run above the water and with the maximum speeds is 50 knots.

For those shores, people who are organizing it are planning to use the latest audio and video technology and bring a championship to life and engage a number of people. Bertelli said, “There are many things that will be depending on the communication and it thus it should remain as open as possible. These measures will help to bring America’s cup to a wider audience.