Conch Republic Cup 2017

The Conch Republic Cup of the ninth edition would be held in 2017 which is part of a four part series.

It would also include the Key West Cuba Race Week. Indeed, many are now reverting to CRC 2016 where Bob Moran had quite an adventure which can be found on many dedicated channels. CRC is an event that is not only popular among sailors, but for those who love to witness water sports and in scenic surroundings. It is indeed a great opportunity to spend about 13 days in Cuba and Key West. The race covers a course that runs to the southernmost tip of the US and then to Varadero. It then moves to Havana. The race is around the marks kind and you would be seeing, scenic landmarks included such as Malecon and Morro Castle. Hence, it is a unique opportunity to visit Cuba and experience the place as well as do several days of sightseeing.

The race ends at Key West when different boats battle it out to win the Conch Republic Cup as the final outcome of the race. The CRC event in 2016 ended in February successfully. There were about 54 sailboats that participated along with six supporting vessels. There were about 435 people who visited to witness the races and they were present in Havana as well as in Varadero. It saw a conglomeration of several people and racing vessels. Indeed, those who were Americans born in Cuba were allowed to sail the distance and arrive at Havana. There was also a handicap vessel that joined and even won trophies. It is a historic race that is held every year from the time it was initiated in 1997. It then expanded to include Havana in 1999. It is also known as the triangle race.