Australians Putting A Grand Show At Cowes Week

The yachtsmen from Hobart are showing their class at the ongoing Cowes Week event held on The Solent on the Isle of Wight in England.

The Cowes Grand Slam is a very popular event and one of the important regattas that many of the sailors will look to take part in before the SB20s World Championship.

There is a strong British contingent testing the waters of the Solent and have so far won two races over 2 days of the competition. But, the Australian contingent from Hobart is also making its area proud by competing very solidly in the Cowes Week. The SB20s are racing in the Cowes Week and the conditions are changing every day. The contestants had to face stiff windy conditions that moved from 20 knots to 30 knots for the day.

Paul Burnell is the new man from Australia to win a race at the Cowes Week on Day 2. He, along with his brother Tim and owner Richard Powell steered the British yacht Marvel to win the race four of Day 2. Continue reading “Australians Putting A Grand Show At Cowes Week”

EFG Sailing Arabia- Thierry Avenges Defeat With Victory

Thierry Douillard vowed after the first race of the EFG Sailing Arabia – The Tour that he would avenge the upset victory scored by the Omani team over his team.

He exactly did what he vowed for and came out victorious in the second round of the Gulf classic. The EFG Bank Monaca crew seemed to be very upset with the way Team Renaissance came from behind to turn victory in the last minute of the first round of the EFG Sailing Arabia.

The past three edition winners EFG Bank Monaco team took over the lead from their archrivals, the Team Al Mouj Muscat, less than 10 nautical miles ahead of the finish line. They crossed the finish line in 24 hours and 37 minutes after they had set sail from Sohar. They came in just three minutes ahead of Team Al Mouj Muscat that was led by Christian Ponthieu, a Frenchman. Continue reading “EFG Sailing Arabia- Thierry Avenges Defeat With Victory”

Conch Republic Cup 2017

The Conch Republic Cup of the ninth edition would be held in 2017 which is part of a four part series.

It would also include the Key West Cuba Race Week. Indeed, many are now reverting to CRC 2016 where Bob Moran had quite an adventure which can be found on many dedicated channels. CRC is an event that is not only popular among sailors, but for those who love to witness water sports and in scenic surroundings. It is indeed a great opportunity to spend about 13 days in Cuba and Key West. The race covers a course that runs to the southernmost tip of the US and then to Varadero. It then moves to Havana. The race is around the marks kind and you would be seeing, scenic landmarks included such as Malecon and Morro Castle. Hence, it is a unique opportunity to visit Cuba and experience the place as well as do several days of sightseeing. Continue reading “Conch Republic Cup 2017”

Masteka 2 Crew Rescued Mid Ocean

Not all super yachts can guarantee you a ride that is safe and luxurious all the time. At the time when the super yacht of 468 feet in length is making headlines of a Russian industrialist, there is another one that has ended up in troubled waters.

It was a super yacht that had been taken out in the waters at a cost of $3000 per hour. This rental vessel started to sink after it was out in the waters. Two women were rescued from the boat when it pulled up alongside a cruise ship called Carnival Spirit. Both women were injured and were rescued just in time. Continue reading “Masteka 2 Crew Rescued Mid Ocean”

Delaware Regatta In Middletown

A premier regatta for rowing was held at Delaware on Saturday. Here the competitors were ready at the starting line and they touched the bows that belonged to the rowing vessels or shells to the floating platforms that were part of the lake bed.

As a voice in the nearby loudspeaker announced, the racers got ready to thrust their oars into the water and they raised their oars in anticipation of the first start. The water was murky and rowers were ready to thrust out with their oars and get their carbon fiber based lightweight crafts into the water. Continue reading “Delaware Regatta In Middletown”

Extreme Sailing Series Muscat won by Morgan Larson

Morgan Larson of the United States snatched an extraordinary victory in the first Act of the Extreme Sailing Serie 2016 in Muscat on Oman Air, along with the team that has James Wierzbowski, Pete Greenhalgh, Ed Smyth as well as Omani citizen Nasser Al Mashari.

Dominating the new foiling GC32, Oman Air won more than fifty percent of the races sailed, which is more than any other squad in Series history, as Extreme Sailing Series completes the largest transition of the past ten years. Continue reading “Extreme Sailing Series Muscat won by Morgan Larson”

Newport Bermuda Race accepts new initiatives

The Newport Bermuda Race is quite popular as a long-distance water adventure with an exceptional appeal for aspirational young sailors.

Many of today’s captains, navigators, as well as watch captains first went to ocean as deck hands in a Thrash to the Onion Patch, or in a return delivery from Bermuda.
Today, all those veterans from the Bermuda Race— as well as the race itself — are serving young people (both men and women) get set prepare for as well as sail ocean races. This reach, as well as the training it offers, takes place at yacht clubs and also at service places that have been sending yachts as well as young crew members on Bermuda Race since the year 1938. The youngest winning captain in the Bermuda Race’s history, aged twenty-two, is United States Naval Academy graduate Kyle Weaver in the year 1992.
To encourage offshore youth sailor participation more, the Bermuda Race Organizing Committee 2016 declared that it has constituted 2 new awards for young sailors, the Stephens Brothers Society as well as Youth Trophy. They collimate similar programs by Marion Bermuda Cruising Yacht Race as well as other races.

Continue reading “Newport Bermuda Race accepts new initiatives”

United States-Denmark showdown

The end of the round-robin leg has set the table in Busan Cup Women’s International Match Race for the quarter-final matches, as well as the determination of who would win the Women’s International Match Racing Series 2015.

In the race on Friday, with three more wins Anne-Claire Le Berre of France went to 10 – 1 to victory the round-robin stage. The battle for WIM Series title would now heat up, as World No. 1, but Camilla Ulrikkeholm Klinkby (Series’ runner-up) selected US leader Maggie Shea in the quarters.

WIM Series
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