The Champagne Is Sailing At 2018 F18 Europeans

F18 Europeans in 2018 have been champagne sailing throughout the week in Costa Brava. The Race Officer, succeeds in successfully finishing the 15 scheduled races, sailed under perfect conditions that 12 to 24 knots wind, bright sun and mild temperature.

The competition was really right starting from Race 1 to Race 15, tense between “Old Foxes”, who were all former Tornado Olympians, as well as present generation issued from the 16 foot class, and the one who need to have waited for the last race to be sailed, and the decision of the International Jury to be made, and for the podium sees the final faces.

It is not a surprise for Iordanis Paschalidis & Konstantinos Trigonis actually to be crowned as the champion of 2018 F18 European, as their route was regular throughout the regatta. They have the 5th place as a worst score during the end of Day 4. Albeit, in 13 races, they scored 23, when closest contenders the Burvill/Puttman and Booth/Booth scored OCS and 28 respectively. Securing the 4th place in Race number 14 allowed them not to take part in 15th race as the title was already secured.

Dany Paschalidis on the occasion said “The competition was really competitive as there were newcomers, and all of them were sailing very well. Additionally, there were old foxes, who are also excellent in sailing. The combination of shifty wind conditions made the competition more challenging and difficult to win. In this type of competition, you never know from where the danger is coming, and you are also aware that danger is everywhere!”

Burvill/Puttman  who were following the Greek leaders Paschalidis/Trigonis closely from the very earliest of the Championship, they refused to give up, and they entered the last racing day putting the knife between teeth. They remained 4 points behind the winners.