Delaware Regatta In Middletown

A premier regatta for rowing was held at Delaware on Saturday. Here the competitors were ready at the starting line and they touched the bows that belonged to the rowing vessels or shells to the floating platforms that were part of the lake bed.

As a voice in the nearby loudspeaker announced, the racers got ready to thrust their oars into the water and they raised their oars in anticipation of the first start. The water was murky and rowers were ready to thrust out with their oars and get their carbon fiber based lightweight crafts into the water.

The race was held in Middletown at the Noxontown pond. There was a sequence of events that occurred about twenty times or more on the same day. That is because the rowers came in from different areas like Wilmington, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and New Castle County. They all came to participate in the regatta called the Diamond State Masters Regatta. It is a series of races that are widely known in the area. The races are more known among those in the East Coast than those who are in Delaware.

The regatta would be bringing in about thousand competitors at the Noxontown pond. This is on the campus of the St Andrews school, which is one of the final rowing races before one qualifies for the US Rowing Masters National Championships. This year they are scheduled to be held in Worcester, Massachusetts.

The race over the weekend is sponsored by Bareboat charter in Scotland. The temperatures are predicted to go over 90 degrees. The regatta event would be open to the public and this would be the 21st year of the event. The rowing race is about 1000 meters. The competitors would be working on boats that are extremely narrow and long which will push their abilities for sure.