25 thoughts on “The Atlantic Crossing (Sailing La Vagabonde) – Part 2”

  1. Great stuff 🙂 Just wished for more lol, mind you even 2 hours wouldn’t be
    enough would it :)

  2. Absolutely great. I always had faith in Jack… Orville and Wilbur Wright
    were bicycle mechanics and look what they accomplished. It tickles me when
    people are worried about being lost at sea on a moving ship. If you know
    you should be hitting landfall soon and you can’t find the land, just keep
    going… There’s a Continent in front of you. You really aren’t going to
    go past it without noticing. Now in the Pacific that’s another story. Lot
    of fun… ln closing let me say… If you’re buying “PARTS”, if you have
    to buy one, you might as well buy two….

  3. Time to find all the REST of the Turkish rope on board and give it a good
    looking over, neh?

  4. Wow! I wish I could be doing that. That is the way to live I wish the best
    for you guys and I hope you enjoy more moments like this. I think if
    everyone did something similar the world would be a better place.

  5. I’m curious as to how old the both of you are? And I also believe you are
    doing an awesome job. I only wish I could join you on the adventure.

  6. Loooove your videos! Out of all the channels I subscribe to I always look
    forward to seeing a new one from you guys the most. Cheers to Jack! …it
    was fun to see him sail with you guys. :)

  7. This is my favorite show. I don’t watch TV…..and I DIED at 6:00 when you
    almost dropped the “whatever it is”…Good frikkin’ God mate!

  8. What a fantastic trip, you got lucky through the Atlantic, not hitting any
    storms. I am looking forward to sailing to Australia from Scotland in the

  9. Riley seems to flourish when there’s trouble on board. Do you see the wide
    smile on his face when there’s a challenge?

  10. Does anyone else read the video description in an Australian accent? I
    certainly do.

  11. Will Terry…..Dido for me!I would be on a boat right now if it wasnt for
    some heartless people shooting me and fucking up my legs,hips and spine.I
    did travel on land for 3 yrs straight before settling down with a pretty
    cool woman and giving her a couple of handsome strong boys.Someday perhaps
    those boys will grow into sailors and take me and mom around the world on a
    50ft catamaran!Anythings possible!

  12. … love the energy you both have and the spirit onboard. wholely
    inspiring journeying :).

  13. Congratulations, You guys made it! After loosing the new dingy and letting
    your dinners jump back into the ocean a few episodes back, I kinda had my
    doubts with 3000 miles to go and all, but you came through!. Keep those
    great videos comming

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