25 thoughts on “Sailing Aboard “Genesis Earthling””

  1. Funny, all men need to poke fire with a stick…. Even if it is a volcano.
    It’s in the blood somewhere….

  2. Really beautifully put together film. Many thanks for taking the time to
    create and share
    What an adventure!!

  3. This is what life is about, enjoying it as much as worrying about the other
    stuffs. I wonder if these guys have a stash of weed to match their hippie

  4. Really nice guys, Better than being stuck in a 9 to 5 office job. I once
    went away on an youth youth club boat for ten days and ever since then i
    have wanted a sailing boat. Can totally relate to the the guy that
    commented about the evening sun going down and stars coming it. Things are
    so much more peaceful at that time. Currently looking around the west coast
    of the states for a Tartan 34” footer. Can’t wait to get one guys. Your
    video got me searching again. Wonderful !!!

  5. great video, thanks for spending the time on it. Really encouraging for us
    sailors waiting to go back out again. thanks a lot!!!

  6. Amazing footage and commentary. Gives me a sense of what it’s like to be
    in the middle of the ocean. Did you continue on after the Marshalls? 

  7. Hey guys…just woundering if you were friends with the boat Pacific Bliss.
    We met up with them throughout the pacific (marquesas, newzealand,
    vanuatu) and was wondering if you were the boat they mentioned,


  8. Awesome job! Favortie line: Who is that guy on the AM radio? Oh some A_ _.
    We were rolling on our cabin sole laughing!

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