25 thoughts on “Mistakes in Open Ocean Sailing”

  1. @Maloy7800 Yes we are anchored in North Palm Beach Florida soaking up the
    rays. Cheers Mate

  2. Liked, commented and subscribed! You guys are awesome! Really looking
    forward to watching continuing adventures. Hadley Harbor is one of my
    favorite anchorages. I see you’re in Annapolis. Are you guys headed to
    the Bahamas? Please keep filming! You’ll treasure these videos forever.

  3. Really like your channel. Fantastically honest about your learning
    experiences. I think that makes for good viewing. Pleased to hear you got
    your dinghy back. I think sailing is learning a thousand wet, often cold
    and expensive lessons but if you can learn them you are set for anything
    life can throw at you. 

  4. “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear
    of failure.”
    ― Paulo Coelho
    “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”
    ― Winston S. Churchill

    Congratulations. Life is a learning curve and you stuck with it.

  5. Double clamp your thru hulls and carry some boat plugs. Hope you have an
    epirb. Watch your charts on the Newport approach especially in the fishing
    areas. Good place to snag a net.

  6. what crap is this? It is amazing. I cannot figure out why you look like you
    are more than five years old.

  7. Very good vid… folks learn so much more from people doing it who are
    willing to share stuff learnt the hard way.

  8. Davits!! ..and ALWAYS use jacklines when making a bluewater passage!

  9. Why so dramatic your coastal cruising not open ocean at all, You sound like
    a cotton wool kid. Why are some Americans so dramatic at everything they do
    you might want to look at the live aboard videos on youtube “Daphne” a
    wooden sail boat great video series. You carry on way to much an suggest
    less drama queen an more fun sailing. =Other than that good luck 

  10. Nice summary – mistakes made, lessons learned – well done! Fair winds!

  11. Great post guys… Not many people will knowingly admit to their mistakes
    so other can learn. If you get to the Bahamas down on San Salvador Island,
    stop by the KiteSurfPlace and say hi.

  12. Great learning experience!!!! Getting ready to cross Atlantic?? Glad
    everything came out OK.

  13. Sheesh. Learned something that had never really occurred to me. I have
    towed my dingy and was always thinking of it being flipped or suddenly
    coming aboard over the stern but never thought about the towing line being
    ripped out of the dingy. Now I will be more cautious thanx to to guys. 

  14. Please keep doing this. I want to one day do exactly what you did, buy a
    boat and sail on the open ocean. I’m glad you show your mistakes so I can
    know what not to do. I can’t wait for episode 10.

  15. You lived to tell the tale. Which is good. You tell it, thus warning
    others.Which is even better.
    I think you are doing a great job, it takes a considerable amount of
    courage to take your own potentially lethal mistakes out in the open for
    all the world to see. Keep sailing, and thumbs up!

  16. great vids, enjoying the journey. You have a great looking boat, respect
    her and she will look after you.

    You probably know by now but just incase: Was your dinghy attached with a
    bridle between the two side connectors or just by the middle connector? The
    middle connector is not for towing. I noticed in an earlier video you had
    it attached only to the middle connector. Make up a bridle and towing will
    be less hassle. Obviously when travelling between longer distances, stow
    the boat.

    Loving the music too, keep it up :)

  17. If you feel “Trapped” after only 4 days on the boat.. GO TO LAND.. you
    dont need to be on a Boat..

  18. That’s what adventure is all about .Risking everything to get what needs to
    be done , done. You were so pumped up with adrenalin that nothing else
    mattered. You saved the dingy and yourselves. You learned not to tow your
    dingy in rough water and had some excitement in the process. If you’re
    really worried, teach your better half how to “Hove too” and she’ll be able
    to stop the boat dead in the water within an arms reach of you when she
    sees you fly over board. No Fear ! Now you’re having fun !

  19. thanks for sharing, it’ll keep someone else alive. A great teacher has no
    pride in himself, only the wisdom gained. Well done.

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