25 thoughts on “Ep. 6 Sailing Cape Verde Islands & CARNIVAL! (Sailing La Vagabonde)”

  1. Awesome video once again….really looking forward to the Atlantic Crossing
    video!! 🙂 

  2. I absolutely love your videos! You guys are living my dream! Keep up the
    sick content :)

  3. dont tell them to wear lifelines or jackets, is the only reason i watch, in
    the hope one falls out. be they wouldnt show it, come on guys do it for a
    joke and practice your man or woman overboard recovery, that be a crack up
    with you lot, and to all the wear this or that, ive sailing over 35years
    and never worn either unless, the seas tell me its time too, or im the only
    one awake on night or day watch, these guys are doing fine, enjoy it, sadly
    we all grow old sooner or later so live now, sleep when ya dead i say,
    thumbs up guys and gal

  4. Man.. Elayna looks so gorgeous in that carnival attire!! And Riley has
    pretty nice legs (no homo) xD

  5. I was beginning to worry… it’s been a while. Glad to hear you were just
    having a great time. As always wonderful video, miss the guitar solo, but
    Carnival is a good substitute. I imagine you’re already on the left side
    of the pond by now. Remember when you’re in the Carribbian and you get
    lost “you can always pull in somewheres and ask directions” (Cap’n Ron, My

  6. Great videos guys! I’m 15 and from Florida. My dream is to sail around the
    world when I’m a bit older. Keep up the good work and can’t wait for the
    next video!

  7. You have out done yourselfs !!! Be safe and fair winds you crazy
    Vagabondes!! :)))

  8. Great video again, but for @#$% sake get some $#%^ing life jackets or
    harnesses. Elayna could have slipped off the back just as easily as that

  9. Don’t take so long between posts haha I know I should pay for these haha

  10. Fantastic video. Much fun in Cape Verde Islands. They look like a great
    place to hang out for a few weeks. Look forward to seeing the crossing
    video. The last part of this video is the best. What a great catch…only
    to jump back in the ocean. The look on Riley’s face and Elayna’s reaction
    are priceless. Take Care.

  11. My dad thought he could do what the fishing guys on TV were doing and pull
    in a 15lbs mahi by just yanking the line up with it but end yanking the
    hook out of its mouth and getting away. 

  12. ELAYNA, please do a cover of SKINNY LOVE in your next vid, amazing videos

  13. I love your videos. Outstanding work. Its fun to live vicariously through
    you guys….for now. I am hoping to be sailing within the next year down
    Caribbean way….I bet you guys are through to the pacific by then but I
    would love to hook-up and tell fish tales….

  14. I enjoy Elayna’s last task on the whiteboard-of-stuff-to-do. 🙂 Did jack
    finally do the dishes?

  15. Good luck with the Atlantic and be carefull! Waiting for more your videos!

  16. Best wishes on your crossing! Hey, your videos are filmed beautifully. Just
    curious what cameras you are using, specifically? Thanks and good luck!

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