24 thoughts on “Sailing by Christopher Cross in 1980”

  1. Great performer. Frigging MTV ruined this guys career. He did not have the
    LOOK for video so they pushed him out of the limelight. Like the tune said
    ” Video Killed the Radio Star”, prime example with Christopher Cross.

  2. My all time favorite song. Brings back memories of my mom taking me to
    school every morning. Brings me to tears. Now she has sailed on to a better
    place. love this song forever 0 :)

  3. This song always calms the spirit when times are stressful and all your
    worry’s are so overwhelming . Close your eyes and picture a better day some
    where forward in time and breath. This super woman with the weight of the
    world on her shoulders . Keeps dreaming and climbing the mountains before –
    stressful day stressful week . 

  4. how about sailing away to the HEAVENS and no turning back believe !!
    believe !! GOD is real and everything that goes with it

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