Velar 70 Concept Revealed by Valerio Rivellini

Valerio Rivellini is a famous superyacht designer. Now he has revealed the operations and concept of the superyacht named the Velar 70. It has some very unique features. The exterior of it is generous which has a minimal yet functional design. Every yacht has some typical features that are used to make it good for various competitions and championships. The Velar 70 that has been designed by Valerio also has a round and large in size helm that is seen in most of the other typical yachts.

Different kinds of materials can be used to make the hull and the superstructure of the yacht. Valerio uses materials like carbon fiber, aluminum, fiberglass, and steel for making superyachts. It totally depends on the owner of the yacht what kind of material he wants, and according to that, the yachts are made. Sometimes the entire design of the yacht is also given by the prospective owner and the designers just follow their instructions.

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Ruta De La Sal on Easter

Easter Sunday coming up on 21st April 2019, would have the regatta called Ruta De La Sal taking place which is an annual event in San Antonio Bay. If you are planning to spend the Easter weekend in Ibiza, you will enjoy watching the 300 yachts sailing in this bay area and as they compete to reach the endpoint.

There are three routes that depart from Denia, Mallorca and Barcelona. Visitors can enjoy a ride on a yacht flotilla, all the way of watching the spectacle of the competition as well. The route of the regatta has already been published and made known to the competitors. This would be the 32nd edition and take place between 18th to 21st April this year. There are three sports tours planned and 200 boats are already registered for the competition. There would be a total of 1400 sailors who would be competing for the trophy called Bahia de Sant Antoni. This is an inshore regatta trophy that has been introduced and is a novelty in the sports program. The distance is a total of 10 nautical miles that need to be covered in which the different teams will demonstrate their potentials.
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Bertelli Intent To Wider The Audience Of America’s Cup

  • Prada is the sponsor of challenger Luna Rossa and America’s Cup.
  • The America’s Cup upcoming 36th edition will take place in Auckland and it is scheduled for March 2021.
  • The Prada Cup started for choosing a challenger to New Zealand.
  • Prada CEO, Bertelli wish to access to a massive audience.

Patrizio Bertelli aims to make sure that the America’s Cup 36th edition, which Italian fashion house Prada sponsors, is accessible to as big an audience as it is possible.

Prada informed the media “sailing is a special sport among many adventure sports and if talk about America’s Cup, then it is one of the foremost events. Therefore, according to me, it is crucial that for viewers, the media access should remain free of charge and at the same time, it should remain accessible to everyone easily. This will ensure that more numbers of people turn out to watch this event.”
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The Champagne Is Sailing At 2018 F18 Europeans

F18 Europeans in 2018 have been champagne sailing throughout the week in Costa Brava. The Race Officer, succeeds in successfully finishing the 15 scheduled races, sailed under perfect conditions that 12 to 24 knots wind, bright sun and mild temperature.

The competition was really right starting from Race 1 to Race 15, tense between “Old Foxes”, who were all former Tornado Olympians, as well as present generation issued from the 16 foot class, and the one who need to have waited for the last race to be sailed, and the decision of the International Jury to be made, and for the podium sees the final faces.
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The SAP team led the Extreme Sailing Series that was held in San Diego and concluded last weekend. If the performance of the team is looked at, they had won eight out of the thirteen races that has been held in the two days of the series when it started the San Diego chapter.


The bay is known for the Santa Ana winds which the team had heard about but had not experienced. The third day the winds were stated to show up which usually loses speed when they reach the waters. The winds hence played a big role in the team’s performance and that of others. The SAP catamaran which is steered by Minoprio, had dominated the race in the past two days when the sea breeze had kept up a speed that varied from twelve to seventeen knots. There were gusts that topped 20 knots as well for the boats participating in the Extreme Sailing event. The strongest winds helped the catamarans that rise to 32 feet in length, to be able to use their foiling design and reach high speed around 30 knots.

However the SAP catamaran along with others struggled when the conditions remained light and shifty as of Thursday. SAP team had a commanding position on the leaderboard and also had a lead over the Alinghi team. Sunday the final races were held that concluded the San Diego chapter. It is said that the strong winds that come down the mountains and the passes usually die down when they hit the waters and face the ocean breeze. SAP’s team was set to face a challenging situation in that case. However the series would now be moving on to the finale event of the year in Mexico, the venue for the next chapter being Cabo San Lucas.