25 thoughts on “Singlehanded Sailing–LA to Hawaii and Return, 2014”

  1. After watching the video I read the comments! It’s seems we all agree this
    was one of the best sailing videos we’ve seen. But if I had to describe why
    …. I would say it’s the narrative! We all dream of solo sailing somewhere
    but underneath it all is a longing to find out something about ourselves.
    Some of us are afraid that we are as boring and uninteresting as we
    suspect! We produce overly hyper videos pretending to have an amazing time
    at sea but somehow we (the YouTube community) can see through that! This
    video was interesting because YOU seem to be an interesting person.
    Beautiful family and a quirky but kind spirit! I hope that’s correct! But I
    think that’s why we all like it so much! Thank you Mr. Williams. I was
    quietly entertained! 

  2. One day, I will set sail by myself, but first, I will have to sail with a
    trained crew. Then with some friends. Then finally by myself. Probably will
    be in the far future, since I’m only 18 in college.

  3. I literally sat on the toilet and watched this whole video. I can’t feel my
    feet, but well worth the story. 

  4. This is fantastic. Very well documented, fun to watch, and I love the fork
    on the floor and the burnt toast! 🙂 Awesome! My boyfriend Pete and I have
    sailed our 37′ wooden sailboat on an Atlantic circumnavigation. Check out
    my channel! Cheers!

  5. Отличное видео! Смотрите все, кто любит паруса и море. Автор – умница!

  6. I really enjoyed the video and the commentary. You are a great sailor.
    Your boat looks wonderful and welcoming and you obviously know what you are
    doing. It’s those little unforeseen things that one needs to know how to
    handle and I suppose you always need a “fallback position” to get one out
    of the various pitfalls one can face.

  7. I loved your video, certainly the narration is the best part along with the
    subtle humor you use with us, and surely with yourself, to keep things
    sane. I posted this on my web site, that is how much I loved it! Best of
    luck brother, now to get my own boat back in shape and sail into my dreams.

  8. very nice and inspiring
    could you tell us when you left and how long it took you to go and then to
    Also what is the gadget you have that tells you the proximity of boats?
    Thank you

  9. I watched this sitting on the balcony of my room at the Marriott resort
    overlooking Nawiliwili harbor. I walked the docks hoping to find someone
    going out who’d take on a Chesapeake Bay cruiser for the afternoon who’d
    like to log some Hawai’i time. But all is quiet at the harbor. Came back
    and fantasized about making the crossing, which prompted me to look for
    videos. And then I find this one, as if it was custom-made for me. As you
    sailed into Nawiliwili, the weather looked exactly the same here today—I
    couldn’t help but look for you out there. Thanks for the excellent work. 

  10. Really enjoyed it! If you ever need a crewhand for future trip. Pls drop a

  11. I enjoyed your video and being a part of your journey. While the solitude
    is nice, the best parts are with other cruisers at the dock, sometimes. I
    sail in Alaska but have sailed in 3 foreign countries and up and down the
    US west coast and parts of Mexico. I was wondering if you used a preventer
    on your main when sailing dead downwind. I also noticed you used your
    spinnaker pole on the jib with the topping lift, or was that a whisker
    pole? Either way, a great idea. Loved the underwater shot w/ your GoPro.
    I use mine to check under the boat. Thanks for sharing your adventure on
    YouTube! It was enjoyable! 

  12. Man, you really enjoying what you are doing. Congratulations for a happy
    man dancing “Bandolero” in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

  13. This was a well documented and narrated personal video I have ever seen.
    I’am glad that me typing in: “how to repair a lido 14” brought me this
    video of you sailing to Hawaii…but I’am sure glad it did. I can’t wait
    for my trip to Hawaii with me and the fellas in a few years. Thanks for the
    video and I will be re-watching this with my friends.
    One more thing is there any advise that you can give to us inexperience

  14. Thank you, hard to improve on the comments already posted. You’ve captured
    the essence of sailing and at the same time come over as a fine man. 

  15. Thank you Christian,
    This video diary comes across as a beautifully real account of a great
    trip. Too few capture that sense of space and being alone with your ancient
    friends and your thoughts. Well done. Not too long, not too short, just
    right !
    Practicing for a solo trip myself soon, but a steep learning curve ahead.

  16. Every moment was precious and I just relaxed over the video with a tasty
    jamaican rum. Thanks for the sharing and I hope it was not the last one! 

  17. I LOVED every minute of this video. What did you find most enjoyable about
    your entire trip? 

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