Newport Bermuda Race accepts new initiatives

The Newport Bermuda Race is quite popular as a long-distance water adventure with an exceptional appeal for aspirational young sailors.

Many of today’s captains, navigators, as well as watch captains first went to ocean as deck hands in a Thrash to the Onion Patch, or in a return delivery from Bermuda.
Today, all those veterans from the Bermuda Race— as well as the race itself — are serving young people (both men and women) get set prepare for as well as sail ocean races. This reach, as well as the training it offers, takes place at yacht clubs and also at service places that have been sending yachts as well as young crew members on Bermuda Race since the year 1938. The youngest winning captain in the Bermuda Race’s history, aged twenty-two, is United States Naval Academy graduate Kyle Weaver in the year 1992.
To encourage offshore youth sailor participation more, the Bermuda Race Organizing Committee 2016 declared that it has constituted 2 new awards for young sailors, the Stephens Brothers Society as well as Youth Trophy. They collimate similar programs by Marion Bermuda Cruising Yacht Race as well as other races.

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United States-Denmark showdown

The end of the round-robin leg has set the table in Busan Cup Women’s International Match Race for the quarter-final matches, as well as the determination of who would win the Women’s International Match Racing Series 2015.

In the race on Friday, with three more wins Anne-Claire Le Berre of France went to 10 – 1 to victory the round-robin stage. The battle for WIM Series title would now heat up, as World No. 1, but Camilla Ulrikkeholm Klinkby (Series’ runner-up) selected US leader Maggie Shea in the quarters.

WIM Series
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