25 thoughts on “Black Desert Sailing Adventures and Crossbow Fishing”

  1. Black Desert sailing adventures from morning to night.
    Fishing mini-game, hit fish til Yellow HP hits 0!
    The original video was 2 hours long XD.

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  2. I usually like sailling but the lack of animation on steering and the very
    strong fish eye effect kind of killed it for me at the moment. Gonna keep
    an eye on your videos to see if there are changes.

  3. Back in my day we boarded the ship in Freeport and waited two hours to sail
    to Butcherblock Mountains and you had best not fall off because in the
    Ocean of Tears the boats wait for no one!

  4. 360 <.< thats not ur style brah but the sexy fish armor makes up for it ;^)

  5. Finally we get to see the other parts of the game besides the fighting! Can
    you do other videos like this too? Things like mini games, livelihood
    aspects (like farming although you already covered that before), or other
    interesting quests that aren’t generic kill x mobs.

  6. Damn that looks fun. I’m just worried about the open world pvp restrictions
    and endgame bosses, why don’t they give them some nice unique mechanics
    instead of just buffing their hp bars :(

  7. wtf boat speed… is there a hidden motor or something… sail-driven

  8. I’ve been viewing some forums and people seem to be freaking out about all
    types of things, sayin that the game is dead. I really don’t think a game
    developer can be dumb enough to think that the west and kr ver. should be
    the same. At least I hope not. I’m sure that the west ver. will be a bit
    less restricted, right :/?

  9. A fish costume, fish eye player catching fish 😮 lol The FoV Fish eye is
    really noticeable when you move your ship.Is that forced or changeable in
    the settings? Personally idm it but i know people that can’t stand it :/
    So far it seems like Black Desert is becoming everything i wanted from
    Archeage and more.

  10. what server are you on!!! i made a lvl 50 blader.. but no one speakes
    english on my server !! lol

  11. I wanna play this game so dam bad, and +lawlerzwtf they are probably
    trying to implement it but having a bit of bugs with it 😛 It is in
    development still so :O

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