25 thoughts on “Beyond The West Horizon – sailing round the world 1952-1955”

  1. Loved it, not a GPS or chartplotter in sight. Simple and rather wonderful
    window on the past.

  2. Vaseline on the eggs to keep them fresher with no refrigeration was best
    sailing tip I saw here..

  3. How funny that he criticizes the Spaniards for making women do work, and
    then spends so much time showing Susan doing the washing and cooking and
    cleaning. “Susan is used to this sort of stove..”

  4. At 1hr17 they show the big suction dreadgers in the Suez Canel. I did a
    Suez transit aboard the USS Bataan in 2006- they dreadgers were still
    there, though some looked a litttle worse for wear. I bet they’re even the
    same ones. Loved this part of the movie.

  5. he made it sound easy yet 30 days of sailing 2hrs on 2 hours off
    constantly at the helm thats hard work ,but thats the way it was

  6. One day I’d like to do the same thing but I think my circumnavigation would
    be incomplete – I’m not sure I’d be able to sail past the South Pacific
    with the warm trades and clear water…

  7. Wow. What an eye opener. You both nailed it. I hope you are both still
    alive and healthy/happy.

    Thank you.

  8. I read “Come aboard” and “Southwest in Wanderer IV” many years ago, this
    video is charming and delightful. From his accent to his references to his
    wife, who seemed to be OK with her “chores”, quaint and very old fashioned
    to say the least, but hardly surprising, they started the year I was born,
    1952. They are also partially responsible for me sailing the Atlantic in
    November 2015, something I’ve wanted to do since I read his books, along
    with Joshua Slocum etc etc.

  9. Susan does the cooking, shopping, and laundry, what does Eric do, play with
    the sextant.

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